102 Tips for Interpreters

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and the Curious

There are many evidences of the growing need of professionals in the Interpreting area, in international businesses, industry and social events, worldwide, having billions at stake. Billions of people, interests, money, pleasures…

Whether it is for avoiding or resolving conflicts, promoting humanitarian actions, deals or entertainment, building the bridges between persons, peoples, facts and situations is essential.

Written by the translator and interpreter Meg Batalha who is very experienced and well-traveled, this e-book gathers precious tips for students, interpreters already working in this area and others who are into this subject.


Using an informal, different, alive and welcoming language, it brings, shares (and, sometimes, stimulates!) reflections, suggestions, testimonies, challenges, confidences and laughter, with competence, faithful to the facts, intelligent humor, lightness, spontaneity and informal warmth.

Starting with a light and quick historical, its topics bring information about equipment, techniques, technologies and methodologies, with clear headings: Introduction; Where to start; How to get ready; During the event; After the event; Miscellaneous tips; Interesting reads and Conclusion.

In this e-book you will find insights to expand your understanding of this age-old area, fascinating and unique of the human kind/intelligence, an evolving dialogue in which talent and experience get together in the right measure to teach, using a “day-to-day” and mild speech, daily facts of the job.

That is the reason why Meg Batalha invites internet users who want to know, to “learn the ropes” of this promising universe of enchantment, changes, fairness and constant discoveries.