Professionals participating in the Directory provide all types of services in the areas of interpretation, translation and certified translation.

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The interpreter sits next to the speaker in order to be able to see and hear properly.
While the speaker delivers the speech the interpreter takes notes at intervals of up to five minutes and delivers the interpretation into another language.

Event Organizers

We organize technical courses, liaison interpreting, conferences, small meetings and large events. Besides offering multilingual teams residing in Brazil and abroad, we have partner equipment companies for audio and catering services, as well as major event organizers that take care of every detail for events like luncheons, trade shows, cocktail parties or product launches.

Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter is hired to accompany the customer in the field. This mode is suitable for meetings or events taking place in other areas.


In this mode, the speaker presents his speech, interpreters listen inside a sound proof booth and convey his words to the language of the audience, simultaneously, via transmitters and headphones.

This work, except in cases of a very short duration (60 min.), is performed by two interpreters both for safety reasons and for maintaining the quality of the interpretation.

In case the event is for a few people (up to 20), we can use the mini equipment. The interpreter renders the interpretation using a portable transmitter with a microphone, and the listeners follow the interpreter through receptors (headphones).


In this mode, the interpreter delivers the interpretation in a low voice, sitting right next to the listener, enabling the listener to hear clearly.

We emphasize that this modality is increasingly being replaced by the use of the mini equipment, for greater efficiency of the translator and comfort of the listeners.


Certified Translation

This is an official translation by a certified translator as required by the laws of Brazil and most Latin American countries that legalizes a foreign text or document for acceptance by public or private institutions.

This is a complete and faithful translation of the original text, attested by the signature and seal of a certified translator stating the accuracy of the translation provided. A certified translation is valid throughout the entire national territory.

Similarly, the translation of texts and documents from a local language to a foreign language (also called a version) is accepted in most countries.

Translation & Version

The best known type of service and which consists of translating written or spoken content from one language to another. Audio and/or video will first be transcribed and then translated; in this case a transcription fee is charged.


After the service, the client is asked to evaluate the quality of the service rendered by the hired professional. This provides greater transparency and quality in the process.

Professionals who are part of the Directory determine the rate charged for the services according to their market experience. We charge a commission about 10% of the service.

The Directory respects the reference table defined by the National Union of Translators (Sintra)*, available here at this link.

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